Saturday, July 31, 2010


My husband and I were sitting at the dinner table the other night and my Mom called. Not that that was surprising because all through the years when she called it was more times than not...while we were eating. The weird thing was is THAT she called. About a year ago she was diagnosed with beginning stage Alzheimers. She never calls just to chat anymore and any phone call made by me lasts only a couple of minutes now. It kills me to see what this disease has done to her so far. What I miss the most are the conversations. She will talk with you but she will not offer up any opinions or add anything new. At 80 she was still a vibrant women doing many things on her own and for other people. She loved to travel but now only feels comfortable in front of the tv doing word search puzzles.

Enjoy your parents while you can because even though she has not passed away she is still none the less gone.

I miss my mother.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Going to the Dogs!

In between working on my Sister-in -laws Christmas napkins I started on a new product...embroidered dog neckerchiefs. Colorado is such a big pet state I thought that I would get some of these made up before the christmas craft show. If anyone in the world ever reads this let me know what you think:) You can see them at

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Burro Days a BUST for me

Well Burro Days did not go so well for me the first day as I didn't sell ANYTHING. My friend Jim sold three birdhouses, it was very slow. I didn't go back the second day as I thought of several things I that I could be doing other than bruising my ego that day. Too bad as Jim sold 9 birdhouses on the second day. The only person that really inquired about any of my products was a foreign lady asking about my felties and then an older couple asking if I knew who around here made the nylon scrubbies! I don't and it p....d me off that she was asking me! Oh well maybe the Christmas craft show will be better. I have attached a picture of the great folded bag I finished...Annie named after my mom. This is a great small shoulder bag! Styled after the Japanese art of Origami the bag is folded and sewn together in a way that it has two outer compartments and a larger one in the middle. Made with a vintage looking fuit and butterfly pattern and contrasting dark green floral pattern, both side compartments close with an elastic loop around a covered button and are accented with two beaded fobs and two charms imprinted with "be kind" and "laugh often" on the bottom.The bag is stiffened with cotton batting.The bag measures 9 inch x 9.5 inch and has a drop of 18.5 inches from top of strap to top of bag.This is a very cute bag and is the only fabric I have of this pattern. It will be a "one of a kind" so you better snap it up fast!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Amy Butler Lacework in Brown Reversible napkins

Boy I am puttin' em out today. Maybe I should stop and clean house. Just finished these with the Amy Butler Fabric on one side and a light green cotton on the other, embellished with a brown stitched sprig of basil. This fabric is great and a beautiful combination of brown, pink, green and gold. This is a set of five which will be posted on my Room At The Table site if they don't go at Burro Days.

Reversible Napkin

This morning I am working on a new embroidered reversible napkin. I get alot of my patterns from Embroidery Library They are having a border sale at $1.00 each right now so I got a few. They are very nice. I got this one to use for this fabric I have had for some time. Sometimes I really don't like putting all the different colors in that the designers like (probably just basically lazy) but I think that it turned out great for the color combo. The other side is pretty busy so I tried to keep it toned down a little.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

For anyone who is interested Burro Days is an annual event in Fairplay, Colorado since 1948, Burro Days celebrates the role of the burro in mining days of old. Always held during the last weekend in July, the 62nd Annual Burro Days will take place on Saturday, July 24 and Sunday, July 25, 2010. is their website for additional information. AND a great festival to rent a booth at if you live around here.

Getting Ready For Burro Days

Well since the beginning of this week I have been feverishly trying to get ready for Burron Days. I am sharing a booth with my friend Jim who owns Barefoot Birdhouses. I alas got here too late to get a booth and the festival is always alot of fun. Making alot of low prices items for those who don't want to walk away but will buy a little something along with my regular items. So I am concentrating on Ice Cream Cone cozies for $2.50 and Scrubbies...3 for $3.00. Let me know what you think?