Saturday, July 31, 2010


My husband and I were sitting at the dinner table the other night and my Mom called. Not that that was surprising because all through the years when she called it was more times than not...while we were eating. The weird thing was is THAT she called. About a year ago she was diagnosed with beginning stage Alzheimers. She never calls just to chat anymore and any phone call made by me lasts only a couple of minutes now. It kills me to see what this disease has done to her so far. What I miss the most are the conversations. She will talk with you but she will not offer up any opinions or add anything new. At 80 she was still a vibrant women doing many things on her own and for other people. She loved to travel but now only feels comfortable in front of the tv doing word search puzzles.

Enjoy your parents while you can because even though she has not passed away she is still none the less gone.

I miss my mother.

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  1. My great-grandma who was my savior as a child, and confidante as an adult is in the same situation. I know I need to go visit her more often but it just kills me to see her like that. My great-grandpa died a couple weeks before my youngest son was born, and she's been even more lost since then. Some days I just wish that God would let her go be with Grandpa. I can't imagine how frustrating and sad it has to be for her to live with a mind that keeps failing her.
    Your mom is such a beautiful woman. As long as she's still able to do the word puzzles at least that's something that gives her a little enjoyment.